Elster Internal Modem Option Board


In ALPHA Plus® meters release 2.2 and higher, the internal modem option board provides outage reporting and power restoration call features.


  • Off-hook detection: Recognizes the telephone line is in use before modem attempts a call. The modem then schedules a call attempt for a later time.
  • Intrusion detection: Recognizes when another telephone extension is trying to place a call. The internal modem disconnects immediately, allowing the other extension to use the telephone line.
  • Outage reporting and restoration calling capabilities: When power goes off, the internal modem, which has its own outage reporting battery, starts a programmable timer. If power is still out after the timer expires, the modem attempts to place an outage reporting telephone call to the host computer. Once the host computer receives the outage report, the communication session is ended and the modem turns itself off to preserve battery life. After power is restored for a programmed length of time, the meter reports that fact to the host computer. Note: the battery required for outage reporting is optional and should be specified when the meter is purchased. This option is only available for ALPHA Plus meters release 2.2 and higher. 
    Elster Internal Moden Option Board