Elster Internal Telephone Modem


The Internal Telephone Modem (ITM3) with outage report capabilities is a modem communications option board. When an A3 ALPHA® meter is equipped with an ITM3 option board and an internal LAN controller (ILC1) option board, it enables the A3 ALPHA meter to act as a meter/collector within Elster Electricity’s EnergyAxis® System. The ITM3 option board is the communication interface between the A3 ALPHA® meter/collector and the public wide area network (WAN) used by the EnergyAxis Metering Automation Server (MAS). Metercat™ meter support software is required to configure ITM3 option board functionality.

The ITM3 option board has the following functionality and features:

Outage Calls
All A3 ALPHA meters with ITM3 option boards can make telephone calls to report power failures. The optional outage detection and reporting feature requires an outage reporting battery to provide power to the internal modem during the power failure.

Off–hook and Intrusion Detection
Off–hook detection recognizes that the telephone line is in use before the modem attempts a call. When it detects that the telephone is already in use, the modem attempts to call at a later time.

The ITM3 option board enables compatible meters to:

  • Perform scheduled billing reads
  • Make alarm calls
  • Make power restoration calls

Metering automation systems can also initiate communication with meters equipped with the ITM3 option board.

Elster Internal Telephone Modem