Elster Itron 50ESS ERT


For many years, Itron ERT® radio-based communication modules have provided an economic way to collect consumption data from electricity meters. Until now, however, there has been no similar solution for collecting billing data from demand or time-of-use (TOU) metered accounts. An Elster Electricity A3 ALPHA® meter equipped with an under-the-cover Itron 50ESS ERT is an ideal solution to this problem.

The 50ESS ERT is designed to fit within the A3 ALPHA meter electronic assembly to simplify installation and reduce costs. The 50ESS ERT retrieves all billing data directly from the meter registers and transmits it to any of the Itron radio-based off-site and automated meter reading (AMR) systems:
Handheld OMR
Mobile AMR
MicroNetwork AMR
Fixed Network AMR

Supported Itron meter reading and software solutions:

Fixed Network AMR


Eliminates meter access problems
Reduces operating costs
Improves employee safety
Identifies energy theft
Provides more accurate meter reading and billing information.

Itron 50ESS ERT