Elster RS-232 Option Board


With installation of the RS-232 Option Board, any of our ALPHA family of meters can use the RS-232 communication standard to have point-to-point communication between the meter and:

  • A computer (using the serial port)
  • An external telephone modem
  • An MCT-360 interface to the EMETCOM power line carrier system
  • Other data communication devices

The maximum cable length in RS-232 communication paths is 25 feet (7.6 meters). The cable exits the meter through an opening at the meter base, terminating at an RJ-11 jack. An optional RJ-11 to DB-25 connector is available for connecting to standard RS-232 devices.

This communication board may be provided with two or four relays for pulse output, load control, or end-of-interval indications. Relays are optional and must be specified when purchasing the board.

If the RS-232 option is used for connection to an external telephone modem, Elster Electricity meter support software is available and an appropriate remote definition used.

The RS-232 Option Board is designed for use on time-of-use meters only.

Elster RS-232 Option Board