IEC Starts Work on Global Material Declaration Standard


As regulations about the environment increase, life becomes more difficult for component suppliers and equipment manufacturers in the electrical and electronics industries. In an effort to simplify the requirements, the IEC has begun to work on a Material Declaration Standard.

Legal requirements and market demands oblige industry to track and disclose specific information about the material composition of its products. Having rules to promote environmental awareness for those who design electrical and electronic equipment makes sense, and one rule for all is cheaper and safer.

The team working on the IEC’s Material Declaration plans to develop a single, truly international passport for environmentally conscious design in products and sub-parts, making it the first single international standard for the declaration of materials for the industry. More specifically, it is expected to give minimum requirements on what needs to be included (for example, end-of-life procedures) as well as criteria explaining which materials and what substances need to be disclosed. The Declaration is being prepared under the responsibility of IEC TC 111.