New smart grid solutions for Latin America


São Paulo, Brazil — (METERING.COM) — September 30, 2013 – New smart grid solutions are being introduced in Latin America by Tollgrade Communications, Inc. in partnership with ELO Sistemas Eletrônicos (ELO), and a partnership between Gemalto, Oracle and V2COM.

Under an agreement between Tollgrade and Brazilian meter manufacturer ELO, ELO will offer and sell Tollgrade’s LightHouse® distribution monitoring platform, consisting of medium voltage (MV) smart grid sensors and sensor management software (SMS) with Predictive Gridâ„  analytics. The LightHouse solution augments ELO’s existing product portfolio to provide an end-to-end solution that provides visibility to better pinpoint faults and outages that extend from the meter to the substation.

“This solution will allow us to improve reliability beyond the meter by monitoring the grid health conditions of the millions of miles of largely unmonitored feeder networks that connect cities and stretch out into rural areas of Brazil and Latin America,” explained Marcos Rizzo, vice president of Business Development of ELO.

The collaboration between digital security company Gemalto, Oracle and Brazilian smart grid technology provider V2COM, is aimed to deliver an advanced smart grid platform leveraging Gemalto’s Cinterion modules with Oracle Java ME Embedded and Oracle Java SE Embedded. This combination of data security and modular, Java-based solutions should help enable smart metering, along with “big data” integration and power network automation, to improve overall energy efficiency, as well as quality of service for utility companies.

“We relied on Gemalto’s security expertise to design a solution that is unique in the market for safeguarding the integrity of the power grid infrastructure,” said Guilherme Spina, managing director of V2COM. “This solution is already deployed in various countries across Latin America, including Brazil which currently has 69 million installed energy meters and adds six to seven million new meters every year.”

According to Gemalto Latin America’s regional manager for M2M, Ramzi Abdine, quoted in the company statement, the modernization of Brazil’s electricity network requires a $23 billion investment by 2030 for operational and technical improvements including smart meters, billing automation and quality control.