Puerto Rico: AEE introduces storage mandate for renewable energy projects


Puerto Rico utility Autoridad de Energia Electrica (AEE) has introduced a mandatory requirement for energy storage to be incorporated into new renewable energy projects.

The new minimum technical requirements (MTR) are aimed to minimize the impact of adding renewable energies to the grid and reduce the investment requirements.

Under the new MTR, developers will be required to add a minimum 30% of the installation’s contracted capacity in storage as well as the flexibility to keep a minimum 45% of the capacity in reserve for at least one minute, for ramping and frequency control to mitigate the intermittency of renewables generation.

“This flexibility represents a substantial reduction in the investment that the developer has to make,” said Juan F. Alicea Flores, executive director of AEE. “We hope that this initiative will result in a positive attitude on the part of developers towards AEE ensuring fair prices for renewable energy contracts that are of benefit to both the developers and the people of Puerto Rico.”

The use of renewables is being expanded on Puerto Rico, in order to reduce dependence on oil.

An AEE statement said the company plans to integrate 600 MW of renewables generation during 2014, which will take its renewables contribution from 1% currently up to 6% of the mix. The country would also become the number one solar and wind energy generator in the Central America and Caribbean region.