Single phase ICs for LCD energy meters that meet utility specification requirements


With over 20 years of experience in providing integrated circuit solutions for utility energy meters, austriamicrosystems offers meter manufacturers high performance, low cost custom and off-the-shelf meter system solutions suitable for virtually all energy meter system architectures. The standard product IC range combines precision measurement with better than 0.1% accuracy over a dynamic range of over 1,000:1 and unprecedented cost benefits through reduced external components and faster meter production and calibration.


The AS8218 and AS8228 single phase energy metering ICs are highly integrated time-of-use LCD meter system solutions, requiring a minimum of external components. The ICs incorporate all the functional blocks for single phase, single or double current metering, including a precision energy measurement front-end, a microcontroller with two universal asynchronous receiver transmitters for external communication, a real-time clock/calendar, up to 96-segment LCD driver and up to 12 programmable multi-purpose inputs/ outputs.

The digital signal processor (DSP) calculates active energy, mains voltage and mains current. Reactive power and apparent power can also be calculated. All utility anti-tamper requirements are provided for in the precision, double current input analogue front-end and user configurable DSP, with digital phase correction for use with current transformers (CT) or a combination of shunt and CT.


The AS8118 and AS8168 single phase, single current energy measurement ICs provide the precision energy measurement function for less integrated systems and stepper motor meter designs. They have on-chip digital meter calibration and programmability of all the variable input and output parameters. These programmable parameters include current channel input gain, output pulse rate setting for the LED pulse output and the stepper motor pulse output, as well as the fast calibration pulse output.

The anti-creep threshold is also selectable. The automatic digital programming and calibration of the AS8118 and AS8168 ICs ensure a faster meter production cycle, thus increasing meter production capacity by over 20%, reducing system meter cost and improving meter reliability.