Teridian adds new Meter IC Product to Existing Range

IC Meter Filler Image

California—(METERING.COM)—June 7, 2006 – Teridian Semiconductor Corp has added several new devices to its metering product line. The new 71M6521 family incorporates Teridian’s patented Single Converter Technology™ with a 22-bit delta-sigma converter, four analog inputs, digital temperature compensation and flexible 32-bit compute engine.

Commenting on the new range, Teridian Director of Marketing Kourosh Boutorabi said that the new products will capitalize on “second-generation metering architecture specifically designed for cost-sensitive residential applications”. The existing 71M6521 range includes 2 UART ports, RTC, Sag Detection, Battery Monitoring, LCD drive and MCU with 8K, 16K, and 32K FLASH/ROM memory versions.