Con Edison signs new deal to reaffirm Clean Energy Commitment


As part of efforts by Con Edison to ensure the participation of consumers in its clean energy transition, the US utility has signed a new deal with agency Code and Theory.

Code and Theory will act as the utility’s creative agency helping the electricity distributor to reaffirm its clean energy commitment and to ensure that the energy provider continues to chart a course towards a clean, renewable energy future on behalf of its customers.

The agency will support Con Edison and its two subsidiaries Con Edison Company of New York and Orange and Rockland Utilities, in ensuring that consumers better engage with utilities’ customer service tools and technologies and clean energy programmes and projects. The projects will include Con Edison’s battery storage, electric vehicles and solar energy initiatives.

MDC Partners, a subsidiary of Code and Theory, will act as Con Edison’s partner for media planning and buying.

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Frances A. Resheske, senior vice president of Corporate Affairs at Con Edison, said: “As New York continues the transition to a clean energy future, we want to keep our customers updated on the tools and innovations that will make their lives better. Code and Theory and Assembly have impressed us with their holistic creative approach and their unique understanding of the needs of our customers.”

Con Edison and clean energy transition

The move follows the utility heavily investing in new and existing clean energy programmes under efforts to meet its net-zero goals.

Efforts include the utility’s plan to invest over $1.5 billion to triple its energy efficiency by 2025 by working with large building owners to develop more cost-effective approaches to reduce the use of fossil fuels in existing buildings.

The energy retailer says it will be increasing its investments in renewable energy generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure to meet its goal of supplying customers with 100% clean energy by 2040.

Today, Con Edison is the seventh largest solar-power producer in the world, and second largest in North America.

As the electrification of the transport sector expands, Con Edison says it wants to play a key role in accelerating the transition through the creation of charging infrastructure, the development of tariffs favoring EV adoption and by preparing its grid for the anticipated increase in demand due to future growth of the electric vehicles market.

The energy provider says it a press statement that it will focus on reducing the use of fossil fuels for heating by promoting energy efficiency, encouraging participation in natural gas demand response, and investing in emerging technologies, such as hydrogen made using renewable electricity.

The utility will develop new and expand our existing efforts and incentives to help customers switch to high-efficiency electric, geothermal, and district heating options.

The announcement follows the Smart Electric Power Alliance naming Con Edison a leader among US energy companies for its actions to create a clean, carbon-free energy system.

Commenting on this, SEPA President and CEO Julia Hamm, said: “Con Edison stands out due to its comprehensive efforts to transition to a carbon-free energy future, and most importantly, its results.

“The transformation to a clean and modern energy system involves much more than clean energy generation; it will require changes to almost every part of a utility’s business. We applaud Con Edison for its progress and recognise that much work remains. The world does not have the luxury of time on carbon reduction.”