Digital bill payments coming for utility customers in Brazil


Brazilian distributor Neoenergia expects to be the first in the country to enable digital bill payments for energy customers.

Starting mid-November, customers of Neoenergia through its subsidiaries Coelba, Celpe, Cosern and Elektro are able to pay their bills using the Brazilian Central Bank’s new PIX instant payment system.

With this service, Neoenergia expects to be the first in the sector to offer this service.

PIX was developed in response to the digitalisation of e-commerce and utilises digital wallets that use QR codes to enable 24/7 transactions in real time between different institutions, without the need for intermediaries such as card schemes or issuers.

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Neoenergia initiates the system for customers enrolled in the digital energy bill on the day the service will be launched nationwide across Brazil. Subsequently it will be phased out to all customers.

“Neoenergia has been working for a long time towards a significant technical evolution. We have been in the constant search for what is new and provides a better customer experience, always practicing pioneering and strong investment”, says Luiz Flávio, Neoenergia’s customer service officer.

“This is an important step in the revolution we are experiencing, and it has no return. We will move more and more towards digitalisation and our role is to keep it always inclusive.”

Neoenergia says in a statement that one of the main factors prompting the company to pioneer PIX adhesion was its R$127 million (US$23 million) ‘Digital Connection’ research and development programme launched earlier in the year to digitalise its customer services with new innovative solutions.

For the PIX system Neoenergia has partnered with Banco Itaú.

Customers using the PIX system simply need to point their smartphones to the QR code on the bill and they will then be directed to various payment options such their bank account or the several digital wallets that are available.