E.ON UK customers to save £85 per month thanks to COVID-19 lockdown


Mega-utility E.ON‘s UK subsidiary has announced that its customers can expect an average reduction of £85 ($111,50) on their energy bills from autumn, thanks to the ‘dramatic drop’ in demand from commercial customers during the UK lockdown.

The utility expects customers on its standard tariff will see a drop of approximately 7.5% in their monthly bills, despite residential energy use increasing over the lockdown period as many global companies moved staff to remote-working.

The UK subsidiary’s owners changed, as E.ON’s merger with fellow German utility giant RWE, finalised in July.

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E.ON UK Chief Executive Michael Lewis said: “I know people have used more energy at home whilst in lockdown, but the increase in domestic use doesn’t come close to the fall in industrial energy demand or the collapse of the oil price in the wake of global transport restrictions.”

Demand across the UK dropped significantly just one day after the UK implemented its lockdown, falling 13% in the first 24 hours.