E.ON forms new subsidiary focusing on service excellence for UK customers


E.ON (E.ONnext) has partnered with Kraken Technologies to provide excellent services to its business and residential customers in the UK.

E.ON and Kraken Technologies will develop a platform that will be leveraged by E.ONnext, a new subsidiary of E.ON, to provide services to customers previously served by E.ON and npower.

The platform will allow E.ONnext to provide sustainable, customer-oriented and cost-efficient products and services, as well as simplify the migration of npower and E.ON customers from 2020 and 2021, respectively.

E.ONnext is expected to play a huge role in helping E.ON to achieve its goal of combined EBIT of at least £100 million ($123 million) in 2022. The EBIT is expected to be improved by more than £50 million ($61 million) in 2023 and more than £100 million beyond 2023.

Karsten Wildberger, the COO of E.ON SE: “In November we announced that we would successfully reposition our business in the U.K. and counter the difficult market conditions. The formation of E.ONnext is the key step in achieving this goal quickly and to the benefit of our customers in the U.K.

“We’ll leverage the advantages of the innovative Kraken platform to deliver outstanding customer service and at the same time be a long-term cost leader. We believe that this strategy will provide a sustainable future for our UK operations while delivering significant benefits to the whole Group – not least through the immense value and re-use of market-leading, future-proof technologies and processes that will enable customers to receive excellent service at all times.”

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