Enel-Codensa advances street lighting upgrade in Bogotá


Colombian utility Enel-Codensa has reported the modernisation of more than 5,000 street lighting luminaires with LED technology so far this year in the capital, Bogotá.

About 260,000 modern street lights have been installed across the city since 2014. The programme is being undertaken with the Special Administrative Unit for Public Services (UAESP). Goals include improving the safety of public spaces and thus improving the quality of life of citizens.

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“This is a commitment to achieve one of our goals of modernizing cities and contributing to urbanization,” says Carlos Mario Restrepo, manager of Enel X. “These types of investments and renovations contribute to the environment, to the efficient use of energy and to having safer public spaces.”

The upgrade process has seen about 155,000 LED luminaires installed in various locations and along some of the city’s main roads. A further 105,000 units with metal halide technology have been installed in other city locations as well as on pedestrian bridges and in squares.

“With this plan, we have modernized the lighting in more than 1,700 city parks and more than 90 km of bike paths. We also have intervened in 170 areas prioritized due to safety issues, which allows citizens to enjoy these spaces even more,” Restrepo adds.

LED public street lighting technology has multiple benefits for cities and their inhabitants. These include improved visibility and lower energy consumption, up to 45%. It is also considered to complement security systems with its colour reproduction making it easier to distinguish features and colours.

Enel-Codensa will continue to collaborate in this initiative with UAESP. A further 89,000 public street lights in Bogotá are due for modernisation over the next four years.

Enel-Codensa headquartered in Bogotá distributes and commercializes energy to over 3.5 million customers in the city and 145 surrounding municipalities.