Three key factors to unlock utility customer engagement of the future


Research firm Deloitte has released a new report which explores utility customer engagement trends.

The report A framework for the utility customer of the future: The journey to a smart platform discusses three key factors driving transformation in the energy sector and how utilities can leverage customer engagement technologies and smart meter data to optimise their operations to open new revenue streams.

The three factors include:

  • Engaging customers in smart-home demand-side management by bringing real-time energy data to customers, communicating via voice assistants, and connecting to customised product bundles from energy marketplaces.

Deloitte urges utilities to integrate smart grid with smart homes, create an energy data-driven ecosystem supportive of demand-side management as well as offer new channels for enhanced demand-side management engagement.

  • Create a distributed energy resources platform for energy services and businesses that empower customers while creating a self-healing grid that is more resilient to disasters.
  • Deliver a data-driven experience by building analytical capabilities that harness the power of smart meter data to personalise offerings. 

Utilities can do so by deploying smart meters, leveraging smart meter data and personalise the experience for potential prosumers.

According to the study:

Big technology firms have redefined business models and customer roles hence raised bars for utilities. Customers now expect to be a click, swipe, or voice command away from a seamless, personalised experience. 

The most significant game-changing milestone in customer engagement will arrive when a smart home’s resources enable a bidirectional flow of energy and data between the utility and “prosumers”.

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