News concerning cybersecurity within the energy sector, specifically relating to protection of energy customer data and private information, preventing malware, ransomware, as well as theft or damage to hardware. Also includes cybersecurity for the electricity grid, preventing disruption of power services, coordinating incident response and recovery, ensuring grid resilience.

Ransomware – the growing cybersecurity scourge

Ransomware attacks are growing significantly in number, sophistication and in the size of the ransoms demanded.

Nozomi Networks secures VC to advance critical infrastructure protection

San Francisco based Nozomi Networks has secured $100 million in pre-IPO funding to grow its OT and IoT security solutions.

Cybersecurity for critical infrastructure gets a boost in US

A Memorandum on Improving Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure Control Systems has been signed by US President Joe Biden.

Israel steps up cyber protection of country’s water supply

Israel’s national Water Authority has engaged local OT company Siga to strengthen its cyber defences following a 2020 attack.
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The SolarWinds cyber attack – lessons for the industry

Direct and supply chain compromises need continued collective vigilance on the part of electricity sector players, the SolarWInds attack has highlighted.

Security concerns continue to hinder IoT deployments in the US

The study includes responses from 500 UK and US senior executives, finds s decrease in companies' investments in IoT due to the pandemic.

Webinar recording: Cybersecurity for a decentralising energy system

The webinar is aiming to explore the cybersecurity threats to an energy system that is increasingly made up of smaller renewable generation assets and forms of distributed generation, such that the grid system is potentially vulnerable to the greater number of connection points and lack of a central hand in ensuring security of the system.

Ed’s Note: Do you know what keeps cybersecurity experts awake at...

Supply chain and ransomware attacks. And the latest incident combines the two nightmares in a rather creative way. I am referring to...

Connecting the modern grid: Agility is more important than ever

The modern grid should deliver agility, security, and regulatory compliance—and open new service business for you.

Data security for utilities in the age of digital transformation

The utilities sector is rapidly increasing the use of connected devices and integrated technologies to improve the service they provide to their customers. Data security is key, writes Greenbird.

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