2018 in energy cybersecurity


In an exclusive article, Anjos Nijk, managing director of the European Network for Cyber Security, provides a review of the cybersecurity wins and losses for 2018, and gives his predictions as to what to expect in 2019.

Here we are in November 2018, and perhaps we can start to tentatively look back at the year in energy cybersecurity and pass some initial judgements. It’s fair to say there have been some positive steps – especially on regulation and cooperation – and the headlines have certainly been calmer, with nothing in the league of 2017’s WannaCry or NotPetya making the front pages.

This article was originally published in Smart Energy International 5-2018.  You have access to our digital magazine here. The full article will be published on 10 November 2018. 

How are we to interpret that? When it comes to high impact, low probability scenarios like major cyber attacks on electricity infrastructure, it’s expected in a given year that there will be few problems.