ENCS highlights 2018 cybersecurity victories


The European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS)has marked 2018 as a successful year in the organisation’s efforts to enhance utility cybersecurity measures.

Maarten Hoeve, technology director at ENCS, said: “It’s been a fantastic year for our training programmes, with further developments and investments in training capabilities by research projects such as ACTSmart.

“Much of the European DSO and TSO community have participated in our training and we have had new training focusing at various roles within grid operator organisations.   It has been extremely rewarding to see participants take on the topic of security so enthusiastically.”

2018 events conducted by ENCS include:

1. Three successful Red Team-Blue Team cybersecurity training programmes.

The three training programmes include the one with ENTSHO-E, with utilities Vattenfall, Alliander and Nuon in which 52 employees were trained.

2. The smart grid security architecture training programme

3. The continued implementation of the Security Operations training and management awareness sessions

“Next year, we look forward to extending our training programme with crisis response exercises, a secure configuration training for engineers, and advanced incident detection exercises for security operations analysts. 2019 will be even busier for the ENCS training programme,” reiterated Hoeve.