EPRI opens EU Office – boost smart energy research and development


The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) is expanding its reach by forming a new business, EPRI Europe Limited.

The aim is to grow its presence in Europe and participate in collaborative research and development programmes in the region.

EPRI Europe will be headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and will allow EPRI to participate in research project consortiums in Europe that are aligned with industry priorities and roadmaps.

Europe’s technology and thought leaders can work with EPRI to enhance collaborative energy and environment research. This data can be shared to benefit EPRI member and other stakeholders.

The US-based organisation has a well-vested relationship with Irish researchers and the focus on  technical innovation were important considerations for EPRI.

 “EPRI considers Ireland a center for electricity sector innovation and testing for utility systems, making it an ideal setting for European research and development collaboration,” said Mike Howard EPRI president and CEO.

“Likewise, Europe has emerged as a pivotal testing ground for the broader integration of energy systems overall into what EPRI calls The Integrated Energy Network.”