New Mexico’s largest utility modernises critical infrastructure security


US utility the Public Service Company of New Mexico has announced the successful deployment of cybersecurity software to secure its operations.

The largest utility in New Mexico has partnered with AlertEnterprise to modernise its security platforms by deploying a single unified interface which allows the central management of logical and critical infrastructure operations.

The utility’s cybersecurity platform was decentralised, manual and needed to be more efficient.

The project falls under efforts by the utility to comply with critical infrastructure security regulations.

The new solution now allows automated audit and compliance reporting to meet CIP-004 regulatory standards.

The software provides the utility with:


  1. The platform is a one-stop-shop web-based portal to request access to job roles, applications, and physical access and various systems including CIP
  2. Enables the utility to access requests status, approvals, training, background checks, and built-in workflow SLA and escalations
  3. To eliminate the top help desk call issue and enforced company standards

Automated hire to retire

  1. The system has enabled full integration of HR, IT, and physical access for automated identity life cycle management
  2. Faster and easier onboarding of new employees and transfers with all the access they need on day one

Lower cost and maintenance

  1. Increased operational efficiency, reduced risk, and fast Return on investment (ROI)
  2. Provides a customisable reporting tool with full transparency into the system data model

Gary Todd, Associate Director, Cyber Security PNM Resources. “The software’s ability to manage convergence across physical, logical and OT environments is a true business enabler and aligns with our vision for digital transformation.”