New partnership to help ease cyber threats in utilities industry


Energy Analytic Security Exchange (EASE) and the European Energy-Information Sharing
& Analysis Center (EE-ISAC) have partnered to exchange international threat intelligence that will serve to further protect the global utilities sector.

EASE and EE-ISAC will share cybersecurity and physical security information on threats against the utilities sector to support the resilience of their members’ electric grids from attacks by nation-state actors, criminals and “hacktivists.”

Cindy Donaldson, president of Global Resilience Federation, the parent company of EASE, said: “While geographically separated, these two organisations both support an industry that is committed to providing reliable energy to its customers.

“Our goal is to enhance the security and resilience of that industry and EE-ISAC is on the frontlines of defense against threat actors. It is a natural partner for us given the detail and scope of information with which we want to arm our members, in support of the greater good for the sector.”

EASE, developed at the request of industry, collects and shares information from members, vendors, government and other partners.

With rapid turnaround, EASE analysts provide added investigation and analysis to enrich intelligence alerts on topics spanning IT and ICS/SCADA vulnerabilities, malware attacks, terrorist activity and other threats to energy companies and the electric grid.

With its partners, EASE has shared thousands of timely and actionable alerts this year, and through its automated sharing platforms has access to millions of Indicators of Compromise that are parsed into nearly 200,000 industry-specific threat indicators every month.

The EE-ISAC, founded after a European CIPS project, is the successful result of multidisciplinary cooperation reached in Europe by private operators, vendors, academy and government agencies, with the mission to achieve resilience through information sharing.

The 20+ members are actively working on cybersecurity of the energy systems and critical infrastructures protection by support for the development of a community through a collaboration.

Activities include sharing information on the evolution of the threat to energy infrastructures and sharing of best practices and innovative initiatives in the context of the
protection of networks and industrial systems.

Lastly, the EE-ISAC is developing an automatic sharing tool on the threats affecting the operators.

Working together, the two intelligence sharing bodies will broaden visibility into threats against the industry and further the security of their constituent member companies.