News concerning cybersecurity within the energy sector, specifically relating to protection of energy customer data and private information, preventing malware, ransomware, as well as theft or damage to hardware. Also includes cybersecurity for the electricity grid, preventing disruption of power services, coordinating incident response and recovery, ensuring grid resilience.

Georgia Utilities

Utility files $507 million grid and IT reinforcement plan

New Jersey Natural Gas has filed a proposal with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to invest in grid resiliency and modernisation of information technology systems.

Survey reveals stakeholder concerns around 5G adoption

The results of a survey conducted to understand the perceptions of telecommunication companies around 5G have been released. The survey was conducted by...
energy demand, transition

In 2019, be like the Pig!

Whilst the Chinese Year of the Pig began, David Socha takes a light-hearted look at how our industry might find some inspiration...
afdb utility innovation

The US and Israel selects manager for $16 million Energy Center

The US and Israel have selected an agency which will manage the countries’ recently established Energy Center. The US-Israel Binational...
energy blockchain

New study highlights the role of blockchain in the energy cloud

Blockchain will play a key role in creating a secure foundation for edge computing and distributed intelligence
battery storage

POLL: Should utilities be publically named for cybersecurity transgressions?

Recent US federal announcements of utility cybersecurity transgressions due to poor controls, weak points, and strategy/implementation have omitted the name of the utility involved.

Call for utility cybersecurity transgressors to be named

A US national public interest group has pressed that US utilities who violate cybersecurity should be named
Senate cybersecurity

US Senate hearing addresses energy industry cyber-threats

The US’ Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee held a hearing recently, with the aim of addressing potential small utility cybersecurity threats.

New global cybersecurity standard for smart cities and critical infrastructure released

IoT institute released a framework to help governments, corporates and stakeholders in the smart city industry to address IoT security challenges.
Greenbird Integration Technology

News: Greenbird Awarded €1.9 Million From Horizon 2020 SME Instrument

Greenbird Integration Technology announced today that the company has been awarded the European Commission grant under the EU’s research and innovation program, Horizon 2020 SME Instrument, Phase 2.

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