News concerning cybersecurity within the energy sector, specifically relating to protection of energy customer data and private information, preventing malware, ransomware, as well as theft or damage to hardware. Also includes cybersecurity for the electricity grid, preventing disruption of power services, coordinating incident response and recovery, ensuring grid resilience.

AI applications

Ed’s note: AI – magic or mayhem?

AI is not the panacea to all, nor will it render us ruled by machines or part of the Matrix. The reality lies somewhere in between.

Grid Operations – NES smart grid application

Grid Operations provides management, analysis and control for millions of NES smart grid devices and allows the utility to run the smart...
cybersecurity critical infrastructure

DoE unveils new initiative to improve cybersecurity for critical infrastructure

The US DoE has launched a new programme to protect the country’s critical infrastructure through knowledge sharing in cybersecurity.
data analytics and wind turbine operators

National Grid Partners invests in two data analytics startups

National Grid Partners has announced two new investments in data analytics startups.

Dominion Energy ups ESG focus with sustainability and corporate responsibility report

Dominion Energy has released a report in which the company is committing to increase its focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance transparency.

Security of supply – key to the future electricity system

Security of supply needs a more comprehensive approach if the energy transformation challenges are to be met, IEA indicates in a new report.
critical infrastructure security

IOTA Foundation joins Japan’s critical infrastructure AI-cybersecurity project

IOTA Foundation is partnering with NEDO on a project to improve the security of critical infrastructure using AI solutions.

Genus Power and NanoLock to develop cybersecurity solution for smart meters

NanoLock Security will partner with Genus Power to develop a new cybersecurity solution that protects smart metering infrastructure from cyberattacks, theft, and fraud.

E.DSO, ENCS and ENTSO-E host 2nd webinar of 3rd edition of...

An ENCS, E.DSO and ENTSO-E webinar explores challenges of data sharing under the NIS Directive, Cybersecurity Act and Network Code Cybersecurity.

Siemens Energy unveils new AI-driven cybersecurity service

Siemens Energy has announced a new artificial intelligence (AI)-based industrial cybersecurity service.

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