The utility as a smart city enabler


With the changing nature of energy generation and the increasing number of distributed energy resources on the grid, utilities are understandably evaluating their position within the landscape to ensure their longevity and relevance.

This article was originally published in Smart Energy International 2-2019.  The full version will be published on 10 May. Read all articles via our digital magazine today.

With the implementation of smart lighting, electric vehicle integration and charging and wifi hubs across cities, utilities are well positioned to utilize the existing SCADA, metering and geophysical data at its disposal to integrate these other initiatives and provide insights into not only the seamless operation of these, but also into the very necessary cybersecurity considerations to ensure all of the communication and integration is secure.

Given the system architecture many utilities employ across a wide area to ensure robust communication systems, this is a point of expertise that should not be ignored in any smart city initiative.