How blockchain is impacting industrial manufacturing and supply chain logistics


Global market intelligence firm ABI Research has issued a whitepaper highlighting how blockchain is impacting industrial manufacturing and supply chain logistics.

According to the whitepaper, key drivers for blockchain and industry 4.0 are automation, connectivity and digitisation.

To date, businesses are increasingly integrating analytics and data rationalisation to optimise intelligency in their business processes.

The use of Internet of Things and cyber systems is enabling the businesses to realise the potential blockchain technologies have in improving operations and management in industrial settings.

Over the past decade, the blockchain industry has evolved significantly owing to increasing investments towards research, development and implementation of blockchain technologies.

Efforts by consortiums to increase interoperability and integration within the evolution has also positively impacted on the market.

The whitepaper comprises barriers and challenges to blockchain and highlights what blockchain can solve in industrial applications and how the technology can enhance industry 4.0.

The whitepaper can be downloaded here…