Brazil’s Neoenergia implements advanced data management tool


Brazilian energy company Neoenergia has implemented Nutanix’s hyperconvergence data management tool at its four regional energy distributors.

The hyperconvergence tool is intended to optimise and automate business processes bringing cost savings to the company and improvements in the security of supply to customers.

Neoenergia claims to be a pioneer of the technology in Brazil, which is installed at the distributors Celpe in Pernambuco state, Coelba in Bahia, Cosern in Rio Grande do Norte and Elektro in São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul.

“The company has seen an improvement of around 40% in the performance of some processes,” says Bruno Agra, Real Time Systems and Cybersecurity Supervisor at Neoenergia, speaking of the implementation.

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“With this, there is improved delivery of the services provided by the distributors through application, speed, security and resilience of the data that are used for the operation of the electricity system.”

Hyperconvergence is in essence an IT framework that combines storage, computing and networking into a single system in order to reduce the complexity of conventional legacy infrastructure and increase the scalability.

Hyperconvergence can lead to an up to 60% reduction in conventional data centre infrastructure, while providing the same levels of redundancy and scalability, Neoenergia points out in a statement.

“Hyperconvergence has come to unify. Today we have an aggregate of technology with the disk spacing, memory and processing. With this system, all the processes are in one place,” explains Marios Santos Neoenergia’s Infrastructure analyst and process coordinator.

Agra adds that databases and IT systems are the lifeblood of today’s modern companies and that with hyperconvergence, they will be better structured to work for customers.

“This hyperconvergence environment will be the support base for the systems used to operate Neoenergia’s electricity system.”