BTC City Ljubljana selects Solvera Lynx to optimise water and energy use


In Slovenia, BTC City Ljubljana implemented an integrated energy and water management system developed by Solvera Lynx.

BTC City Ljubljana is a 475,000 square meter business, shopping, entertainment and recreation center comprising 56 facilities.

Solvera Lynx provided BTC City with the company’s LoRaWan technology based communication infrastructure, software, smart meters and related applications.

The aim was to reduce operational costs and help in the implementation of an innovative business model based on social and environmental responsibility.

BTC City directed 10% of total operational expenses towards energy costs, according to a statement.

Solbera Lynx installed its wireless communication equipment ComBox L to enable smart gas, water and electric meters to remotely send consumer usage data.

The smart meters send data to an advanced software platform GemaLogic, where all the data is processed and analysed.

The project also included the implementation of a sub metering system to enable individual customers to access real time usage data and optimise energy and water management.

The solution enabled:

⦁ Energy efficiency analysis: key energy KPIs indication and control over electrical energy production
⦁ Reduction of energy losses caused by water leakages by 6%, reduction in energy consumption by 5% and reduction in water leaks by 90%
⦁ Implementation of an alarm system in case of consumption or cost deviations
⦁ Implementation of an energy accounting system building energy consumption benchmarking and analyses of energy costs
⦁ Shorter response time in case of deviations
⦁ Support in ISO 50.001 implementation

Tomaz Damjan, energy manager at BTC City, said: “The system has paid-off, and we will continue using the GemaLogic energy management platform, due to the savings that were made after the system’s implementation.”