The UK helps Tokyo respond to grid signals in under a second


Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) has partnered with Centrica Business Solutions to decarbonise the Japanese energy grid.

TEPCO is using Centrica’s demand side response platform FlexPond to deliver industrial demand response capacity for the reliability of the grid.

The platform is providing flexibility for grid efficiency in Kyushu region which is recording an increase in grid-connected consumer distributed and renewable energy resources.

The cloud-based software-as-a-service platform is currently used by over 150 of Europe’s largest energy users and has won awards for its capabilities in high-value reserve markets that require a response in under a second.

Pieter-Jan Mermans, global Optimisation Director for Centrica Business Solutions said: “We are delighted to be supporting TEPCO in their mission to drive forward demand response in Japan, harnessing the power of flexible industrial demand while securing a new revenue stream for their customer base.

“At Centrica we believe that one of our key responsibilities is to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint. Building virtual power plants that mitigate the need to build new fossil-fuelled plants is a key part of that so giving other energy and utility companies access to our software is an important way for us to support global decarbonisation efforts.”

TEPCO has plans to expand the offer beyond Kyushu region to provide transmission system operators all over Japan with flexibility services from commercial and industrial customers.

Japan’s future Demand Response capability is expected to evolve from today’s capacity-like reserves to frequency regulation and wider ancillary services by 2021.