New York
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In the US, Con Edison has announced the operation of its new smart grid software Support Tool for Outage Restoration Management (STORM).

STORM is expected to help the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority to reduce delays and improve quality of life to New York’s 5.7 million daily subway riders.

Con Edison selected grid management solutions firm GridBright to integrate the new software with an advanced metering infrastructure network comprising 2,000 smart electric meters installed in locations along the subway.

STORM makes use of smart meter data to help Con Edison detect grid failures or network problems before they lead to outages.

The utility has also developed new communication protocols to ensure its workers and subway system operators have access to real-time information regarding power supply to the subway.

The initiative is part of a multi-year project to develop an outage management system. Con Edison and GridBright kickstarted the initiative in June last year and have plans to integrate the utility’s entire AMI network with an outage management system.

Thomas Langlois, project manager at Con Edison stated, “The STORM tool has already proved itself by proactively identifying subway supply issues before they caused service interruptions. GridBright’s assistance in developing this tool on time and on budget is helping Con Edison deliver value to our customers and all users of the subway.”