Podcast: Data lake architecture- A data science perspective for utilities


In this podcast a data science expert discusses experiences and critical success factors for creating a data lake for utilities that drives business value.

Today, everyone is talking about creating a data lake for their smart metering, IoT and other big data to drive strategic and tactical decision making, and revenue, operational savings as well as profitability. They are critical business assets that utilities can’t afford not to get right. Listen to this podcast to learn from a data science expert about the essentials of creating a data lake, best practices to ensure your data lake implementation is a success and understand the essential elements of a Data Lake for your AI/ ML and advanced analytics.

  • Data lake and data warehouse explained
  • Why a data lake infrastructure is needed for utilities
  • Solving the data variety challenge
  • What is the meaning of good data
  • Experience migrating to multi-cloud platforms
  • The tools data scientists and analytics professionals use to achieve best results
  • Tips on how to build a data lake and get started

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