ICF tasked with 40,000 new DR registrations for Midwestern utility


Global consulting firm ICF has announced that it has been selected by a large Midwestern investor-owned utility to manage a demand-side management programme.

The solutions provider will provide the utility with services including programme management, marketing, IT and customer care support for the demand response initiative.

The services will include integrating the utility’s distributed energy resource management system with consumers’ programmable communicating thermostats. ICF will be responsible for the installation of the thermostats in consumer homes.

The solution provider has also been tasked with registering 40,000 new customers in the demand response programme.

David Pickles, SVP at ICF, said: “The demand response program will permit the utility to use recent technology advancements to drive cost-effectiveness, to provide localised benefits to the grid and to strengthen the relationship with its customers.”

“The success of these technologies relies on utilities’ ability to distill complex offers into a clear, motivating call-to-action for customers—one that offers a seamless enrollment process and superior customer communication and support, year after year,” added Jeff Adams, SVP at ICF.

ICF manages over 150 demand side programmes for more than 50 utilities across the US over the past ten years.