E.ON selects SAP to build new platform for network operations


Germany energy company E.ON has selected SAP to build a new process and technology platform to optimise network operations.

E.ON and SAP intend to set a new standard in Germany’s power grid business.

The energy company will use cloud solutions from SAP to optimise billing and ensure information exchange processes are more efficient and consistent across its corporate group.

The project will help subsidiaries of E.ON including energy suppliers, grid operators and metering point operators to share information faster, more accurately and more easily.

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Having a standardised approach to data sharing will help E.ON to follow best practices and reduce the cost of developing custom software.

Implementing innovative cloud solutions should save the group more than 40% in costs long term.

Regarding customer services, the project will enable the company to respond even faster and more efficiently to customer requests.

The decision to develop the new technology platform was triggered by the integration of energy company Innogy SE into the E.ON Group.

E.ON is expecting to witness the benefits of the project as from mid-2022.

Standard data exchange formats will also help E.ON to meet regulations set by Germany’s Federal Network Agency, the Bundesnetzagentur.

Thomas Konig, the board member in charge of energy networks at E.ON, said: “Partnering with SAP enables us to redesign processes and structures, especially following our acquisition of Innogy.

“This project will set a new standard in the market. Having maximum automation and standardization on the new platform will make our processes much more efficient.”