Enel and ESA to use space data for new energy services


Italian multinational utility Enel and the European Space Agency have partnered to promote the development of space-applications in support of energy security as well as economic and environmental sustainability.

The two will launch a joint initiative company in the first half of 2020.

The joint venture will focus on innovative services combining space data and other technologies to monitor public lighting, building efficiency and traffic flows to improve mobility and environmental sustainability in cities.

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Space technologies will also be leveraged to:

  • Reduce technical risks, such as the interference of vegetation with overhead power lines, as well as
  • Optimise energy services in distribution and generation.

 “The space and energy sectors have always been at the forefront of technology and innovation and we are working together, with the aim to boost sustainability in our cities and infrastructure, protecting the wider environment while creating shared value for us and our stakeholders. Enel is committed to renewable energy and [the] circular economy, as we see them as the drivers to increase living standards in our communities,” said Ernesto Ciorra, Enel’s chief innovability officer.

Magali Vaissiere, director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications at the European Space Agency, adds: “working with Enel gives us the opportunity to foster the development of space applications for the energy sector and in the context of circular cities. We are confident that this cooperation will unlock significant business opportunities for European industry, and will showcase the potential of space to deliver solutions with environmental and socio-economic benefits at scale.”