Enel extends partnership for big data platforms


Italian-headquartered multinational utility Enel has selected its strategic provider of big data platforms to improve business operations.

The utility is working with C3 over the next five years to employ smart grid analytics-based applications.

C3 is providing its AI suite to integrate big data from various operations including human resources and financial departments into a single data management and processing unit.

For instance, the suite has allowed Enel to unifiy data from operational systems including SAP Hana, Oracle, Siemens, PostGreSQL, MongoDB, and Cloudera, for effective and simplified processing, storage and communication.

In December, the AI suite enabled Enel to deploy the Unified Virtual Data Lake, integrating data across its retail, distribution, trading, renewables, and conventional generation businesses.

The integration allows Enel’s developers, data scientists and business analysts to collaborate on a single platform and rapidly develop next-generation AI applications.

Thomas M. Siebel, C3 CEO, said: “Enel and C3 have worked closely over the last five years to develop and deploy a large production-scale big data platform with AI and IoT applications.

“Enel’s leadership, vision, and technical ability stand apart from many organisations in its embrace of AI and IoT, machine learning, and deep learning to transform operational processes and to provide business and social benefit.”

Fabio Veronese, head of Infrastructure & Networks Digital Hub at Enel, added:  “Leveraging the power of AI and IoT is key for Enel to achieve its digital transformation, while allowing tremendous benefits to be delivered to its customers and shareholders.”

“The results of this partnership fully enable Enel’s aggregation of large volumes of real-time data and the development and execution of the thousands of algorithms needed to analyse those data and generate millions of predictions daily – all designed to increase the speed and accuracy of Enel’s operational decision making,” said Ed Abbo, president and CTO of C3.