Open Charge Alliance updates global standard for EV charging


The Open Charge Alliance has released its newest version of the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCCP), a specification for electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

The Open Charge Alliance (OCA) is a global consortium with the aim to develop a global standard for all EV charging stations. The consortium develops and provides open and interoperable communication protocols to public and private developers and operators of EV charging infrastructure.

The Netherlands-based consortium has updated the OCCP 1.6 by introducing new features regarding security, smart charging and transaction handling.

In regard to security, the OCA claims it has improved the security of charging station transactions by adding secure firmware updates, security logging and event notification, security profiles for authentication, as well as secure communication.

The new standard includes features to address variations in energy supply on main grids through the interoperability of energy management systems, local grid controllers and integrated smart EV charging and EV charging station management systems.

The new standard OCCP 2.0 is available for free.

The protocol was updated during technical, compliance and marketing workgroups hosted by the OCA since October 2015.

Upgrading the previous standard included open reviews of the protocol by more than 100 active participants from 27 countries on five continents and thousands of OCPP users.

The OCA claims the new standard is specifically ideal for Charging Station Operators who manage complex multi-vendor (DC fast) charging stations.

The development of the OCPP 2.0 is expected to accelerate the adoption of EVs.

OCCP 2.0 is available for download here…