Florida Power awaits landfall of Hurricane Michael


Hurricane Michael is expected to make landfall today, hitting parts of Florida Power & Light’s service territory. The utility has released a statement saying it is prepared to respond to the category 4 storm.

FPL says it is working with other electric companies and municipal utilities should they need support in restoring power to Floridians after the storm.

The energy provider is pre-positioning over 1,350 employees and contractors, who will be ready to restore power to affected customers.

The utility will be opening staging sites across the state to respond to the storm.

Eric Silagy, CEO of FPL, said: “Although we are hopeful that Hurricane Michael will not directly impact our service area, our team stands at the ready to restore power safely and quickly for our customers and help others to do the same for their customers.

“This includes preparing to move our workers and equipment to the areas where they may be most needed. We appreciate Gov. Rick Scott’s forward-leaning decision to declare a state of emergency days before the storm hits, which helps FPL and other electric providers prepare and restore power more quickly and efficiently.”

According to the National Hurricane Center the tropical storm-force winds may extend 195 miles from the center of the storm and tornadoes are always possible.

FPL customers along the West Coast and in the northern part of the company’s service area may experience damaging wind and heavy rainfall from quick moving feeder bands.