US city signs MoU to modernise water metering with Itron’s OpenWay Riva


The city of Fort Smith in the US state of Arkansas has partnered with Itron to upgrade its water infrastructure.

The city of Fort Smith will implement Itron’s OpenWay Riva smart water solution over the next two years.

Itron will provide its advanced water communication modules and smart meters to replace the city’s aging analog water meters.

Almost half of the city’s existing water metering infrastructure have exceeded normal life expectancy, according to a statement.

The new meters will help the city to improve meter reading efficiency and lower operational costs.

The city will also gain access to daily and hourly interval data for increased billing accuracy and enhanced customer service. Real-time consumer usage data will help consumers to improve their water efficiency.

Automation of the meter reading process will help eliminate manual meter reading which is associated with higher numbers of human errors and high costs.

The communication modules will enable the city to expand the network and offer smart city services in future.

Danny Kelley, supervisor of metering at the City of Fort Smith. “Itron’s experience in the water industry, focus on customer needs and continuous drive to create solutions that address key challenges in the industry gives us confidence in this solution.”