Vermont utility to deploy EV chargers for residential customers


US utility Green Mountain Power is partnering with FLO to implement a pilot in which electric vehicle charging infrastructure will be installed for residential consumers.

FLO will provide the utility with 50 Home EV charging units. The EV chargers will also be used to test an automated demand response system which will inform consumers whether to or not to charge their EVs in line with the status of the grid network.

Green Mountain Power will have remote access to the EV chargers. The solution is expected to help improve EV adoption at the same time reducing consumer costs for charging their vehicles.

The pilot follows months of FLO and Green Mountain Power working together to ensure interoperability between the EV chargers with the Open Automated Demand Response Standards.

Louis Tremblay, CEO of FLO, said: “This project demonstrates our ability to help utilities prepare to accommodate the growing demand for electric vehicle charging. As EV adoption keeps progressing, load management will certainly be a challenge for utilities, and this type of smart grid integration is a key part of the solution“.

The collaboration with Green Mountain Power follows FLO receiving the Frost & Sullivan 2017 North American Electric Vehicle Charging Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award.