New South Wales uses predictive analytics to boosts water efficiency


Hunter Water, a utility in New South Wales, Australia, has announced its partnership with integrated event management solutions firm Takadu to reduce losses within its distribution network.

The utility is the second largest in New South Wales, serves 600,000 consumers and is deploying Takadu’s technology to improve water efficiency through access to real time data regarding the operation of its water network.

The cloud-based solution includes predictive analytics which is expected to help the state-owned utility to reduce operational costs, improve data telemetry between grid assets and quick identification to address operational failures.

Richard Harris, chief information officer at Hunter Water, said, “We are committed to saving water as part of our efforts to provide our customers with affordable products and services.

“To achieve this aim we actively invest in new innovations and by using TaKaDu’s technology, we can extract the most value from all our data sources and address all types of issues like leaks, bursts and faults in almost real-time – fixing any problems quickly and preventing service interruptions.”

Amir Peleg, TaKaDu’s Founder & CEO, said, “Hunter Water is recognised as one of the most progressive water utilities in Australia. We’re delighted to add them to our global customer base, representing our seventh customer in Australia spanning water utilities across Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.

“With the current water situation in Cape Town, it’s evident that water is a more critical natural resource than ever, and it’s encouraging to see Australian utilities taking important strides towards water efficiency using digital solutions like ours to drive operational change and empower their workforce.”