German utility secures consumer management of smart home data


German-headquartered integrated energy company, Innogy, has selected distributed computing solutions provider, Intertrust, to help smart home consumers to securely manage data.

Innogy has adopted the solution provider’s Modulus Data Rights Management Platform.

The solution allows smart home consumers to privately manage their data even if they have subscribed to a variety of services.

For instance, third-parties including insurers can analyse sensitive customer data without compromising the consumer’s privacy rights and the General Data Protection Regulation.

Talal G. Shamoon, Intertrust CEO, commented: “A common myth about home IoT systems is that consumers actually care that their washing machine can talk to their lawnmower.

“Consumers care more about the safety and convenience of managing home services via a common gateway at a good price, which is exactly what innogy offers today – the combination of cool devices and efficient home services is a killer app.”

The development is part of efforts by Innogy to follow suit energy companies adopting data-driven business models to optimise operations, increase margins and open new revenue lines and connections with customers.

Florian Kolb, managing director Innogy New Ventures, added: “IoT is a huge bonanza for our retail businesses and we are keen to avoid value passing through our networks into the pockets of Internet giants.

“With smart devices and smart services, we can reach through the meter into the home and enhance the lives of our customers in new ways. Of course, we must respect and secure the data coming from homes as we build value-added services, which is why the Intertrust partnership is key.”

The news comes as Innogy launches its new generation of home gateway controllers with hardware cooperation partner MEdion.