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Itron has partnered with AI energy analytics firm Grid4C to integrate predictive analytics with smart meters to solve the industry’s next-generation use cases in real-time.

Grid4C is providing its AI software solution for integration with Itron’s Riva IoT smart metering solution.

The integrated solution will leverage Itron’s Distributed Intelligence platform, standard on every Itron Riva meter, which provides a secure compute environment, application management and real-time data delivery to enable edge processing and real-time insights.

AI Grid Edge solutions will provide utilities with granular real-time predictions and actionable insights for their operations and customer-facing applications.

This core technology drives applications ranging from granular load forecasting and distributed energy resources optimisation, to home energy management at the appliance level, and the prediction, detection, and diagnostics of faults for grid assets and home appliances, in order to improve operational planning, reduce peak demand, increase energy savings, deliver new revenue streams and increase customer engagement.

Dr. Noa Ruschin-Rimini, the CEO of Grid4C, said: “By embedding the most advanced machine learning insights directly into Itron’s robust, high-performance smart meters, we can help plan and optimize distributed energy resources in real-time at the edge of the grid, prevent faults both on the grid side and on the consumer side, and help consumers manage their energy better. The combined solution will provide a significant edge to Itron’s customers and the communities they serve.”

“By deploying Grid4C’s industry-leading AI analytics on Itron’s Distributed Intelligence platform, this collaboration will enable utilities and cities to harness AMI data to take full advantage of their smart grid infrastructure,” said Don Reeves, senior vice president of Itron’s Outcomes business. “We are excited to deliver Grid4C’s AI technology to equip consumers to conserve energy.”

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