Swedish multi utility partners to enhance customer engagement


Molndal Energi has contracted with Eliq to deliver its customer engagement platform to the company’s residential customers, collecting its energy services across supply and distribution of electricity as well as district heating.

Eliq is growing its customer portfolio with a new Swedish customer and expanding its’ service portfolio to cover district heating alongside the supply of electricity and gas.

This summer, customers of Molndal Energi will have access to mobile apps for iOS and Android as well as a web-based energy service portal, providing rich insights alongside frictionless billing and payments across energy supply, energy network charges and district heating.

The product will also introduce a number of new features from the Eliq platform which will allow customers to view insights on their district heating spend and receive notifications on power and heat outages that affect their home.

Mölndal Energi is a national supplier of 100% renewable electricity and provides district heating and electricity distribution in Mölndal city, located in the Gothenburg metropolitan area.

The announcement comes only weeks after Eliq announced its contract with another Swedish energy supplier.

“We’re now starting to see many Swedish energy suppliers wanting to upgrade their digital user experience and replicate the success stories we have from other European markets” – says Håkan Ludvigson, CEO and founder at Eliq and continues “with one of the world’s most digitally savvy populations, we believe user-friendly, intelligent digital tools is about to become table stakes in the Swedish energy market.