Kamstrup and Vodafone achieve 98% smart meter accuracy in NB-IOT pilot


Smart metering solutions firm Kamstrup has in early 2018 announced the success of a smart water metering pilot implemented in Valencia.

The aim of the pilot was to test the ability of narrowband internet of things (NB-IoT) communications network for smart water meter data telemetry.

Kamstrup provided its MULTICAL® 21 water meters featuring a NB-IoT bridge and Meter Data Management system READy Manager, whilst Vodafone supplied the communications network.

The trial ran from mid-July 2017 in partnership with communications firm Vodafone and water utility Global Omnium.

The communications network enabled the three parties to achieve 98% accuracy in reading and sending water usage data.

The pilot also highlighted areas that need to be addressed to ensure NB-IoT smart water meters achieve 100% meter reading accuracy and data telemetry.

Allan Nielsen, product manager at Kamstrup, said the use of NB-IoT with smart water metering is still very much in its infancy so the success of this trial is big step towards NB-IoT becoming a validated and viable communications option for water utilities.

“Engaging in NB-IoT trials with utilities and network operators at this early stage will help us address the challenge of power consumption with NB-IoT, which is always a prime concern for battery operated devices. It also allows us to better evaluate the coverage and signal penetration in a real-life scenario, instead of only in the lab.”

Kamstrup claims the use of its NB-IoT smart water meters would help utilities to reduce capital expenditure required to install and maintain a communications network to provide connectivity to smart meters.

Kamstrup smart water meters are interoperable with Vodafone’s communications network hence a utility will only need to pay an annual fee per metering point.

Global Omnium has more than one metering point providing water to more than six million people across Spain, Africa, Asia and Latin America