New tool by Enel calculates CO2 savings for EV drivers


Enel through its subsidiary Enel X has announced a new tool that calculates environmental benefits of driving electric vehicles.

The new e-mobility emission saving tool has been certified by RINA and leverages data acquired from Enel X’s charging infrastructure to estimate the distance travelled by an EV and the equivalent emissions produced for travelling that same distance using an internal-combustion vehicle.

The platform acquires data from Enel X’s Electro Mobility Management Platform which would have been sent by the fast (JuicePump) and quick (JuicePole and Pole Station) infrastructures equipped with an internal meter.

The amount of carbon emission savings is calculated by comparing the distance covered by an EV to the average vehicle consumption carried out by the Polytechnic University of Milan in a recent official study and to the average emissions of the Italian fleet of internal combustion cars circulating, published annually by ISPRA.

According to the platform, since January 2018, more than 800,000 charges have been carried out at Enel X stations; about 10 million kWh of energy is supplied by chargers and about 59 million kilometres have been travelled by electric vehicle drivers.

To make the algorithm even more effective, Enel X has included as an indicator the CO2 absorbed by trees. The result is measured by the ratio between the amount of CO2 absorbed in a year by a tree (2019 Refinement to the 2006 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories) and that of the emissions avoided.

The dashboard is available to users on the homepage of the Enel X website.

EV drivers will be able to access the amount of carbon emissions they would have avoided per car via the JuicePass app and on the Recharge Manager portal dedicated to businesses and public administrations.

Alessio Torelli, head of Enel X Italia, said: “Thanks to this new tool that measures the CO2 emissions avoided by electric vehicles, Enel X can offer its users an additional tool that proves the benefits of the definitive transition to sustainable mobility.

“A transition in progress, also made possible thanks to the work of Enel X, which is creating a widespread network of charging points which allows people to move about in Italy and abroad.”