Norway’s Statnett awards contracts for cloud-based power system analysis platforms


In Norway, state-owned grid operator Statnett has selected Cognite for the development of a cloud-based power system analysis and asset management platform.

Statnett has awarded Cognite with three contracts to develop and deliver a data contextualisation platform and digital solutions within the areas of power system analysis and smart asset management.

The digital platforms are expected to help the grid operator to achieve its ambitious digitalisation goals, as well as accelerate its energy transition.

Cognite will provide its industrial DataOps platform, Cognite Data Fusion, for Statnett to operate and produce smarter, safer, and more sustainably through access to real-time data regarding the status of the grid and distributed assets.

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Statnett will use the platform for its applications and analysts to easily access contextualised data, as well as to develop new, relevant applications at the top of the contextualisation platform.

The contracts will enable the state entity to improve its maintenance and increase the lifespan of grid assets.

With all the relevant information needed to process grid connection applications accessible in one location, Statnett’s analysts can more efficiently process these applications. This will streamline Statnett’s workflows and help the grid operator assist customers throughout the connection process.

Cognite will also contribute technology for smart asset management. Today, Statnett conducts regular maintenance of transformers, power lines, gas-insulated substations, and the other components that form the power grid. With improved access to contextualized data in Cognite Data Fusion, Statnett can better determine the condition of the various components and how it will change over time.

Statnett and Cognite have conducted research and development of data analytics technologies over the past two years. The R&D collaboration uncovered a need for a data contextualization platform, a software solution that combines data and metadata from different sources and systems.

“This partnership strengthens our ambition to become more data-driven in our decision-making processes. We’re developing digital solutions and making them available to our core business, which will help us boost our efficiency, improve our customer response time, and reduce costs,” said Beate Sander Krogstad, executive vice president for IT at Statnett.