NYPA enlists analytics experts to accelerate digital strategy


The New York Power Authority (NYPA) has awarded four‑year contracts, valued at up to $50 million, to ten firms with data analytics expertise.

The initiative will support NYPA in its enterprise‑wide digitisation plans and further Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision to offer clean, reliable and low-cost energy to New Yorkers.

The contracts were authorised by the NYPA Board of Trustees at its October 2 meeting.

“Having a deep bench of experts to assist us with data analytics will help us expedite our ongoing efforts to realise NYPA’s Strategic Vision 2020 plan to become a digital utility of the future,” said Gil C. Quiniones, NYPA CEO.

“These 10 companies bring unique technical expertise and qualifications that will accelerate NYPA’s progress toward becoming the nation’s first fully-digital utility, and strengthen our position as a first mover and market leader in energy efficiency, grid‑scale renewable energy services, energy storage and electric vehicle infrastructure.”

NYPA’s digitisation efforts require interaction with an increasing amount of data. Advanced analytics will enable NYPA to derive practical insights from the data to optimise the way it operates and maintain its statewide power assets.

Taking advantage of these companies’ expertise also will enable NYPA to maximise benefits and customer value from its Integrated Smart Operations Center, and the New York Energy Manager, which monitors energy usage at more than 11,000 state-owned buildings.

Of the 47 proposals received through an open bid process, NYPA selected 10 companies that were most qualified in five areas:

  • Data analytics, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet of Things and cloud‑based services to improve situational awareness of employees and increase control;
  • Software applications to better monitor the electric system in real time and improve reliability;
  • Robotic process automation to identify opportunities to automate business processes;
  • Digital logbook and shift turnover processes to enable better decision‑making in the plant, field and office environments by digitising workflows;
  • Augmented reality, virtual reality, mobile app creation and support to improve safety and productivity, optimise logistics and increase the effectiveness of training and maintenance activities.

View a complete list of the selected companies NYPA will work with on digitisation efforts here.