Itron launches online portal for Tennessee water customers


The City of Murfreesboro in the US state of Tennessee has launched an online portal for water consumers.

Consumers can use the online portal to access real time water usage data, a development which will help improve consumer water efficiency to reduce water bills and improve management of water resources.

Adam Todd, meter engineer with the city’s Water Resources Department, said: “For example, we have many commercial customers and rental property owners who are eager to take advantage of the system for “goal setting.” It tracks and notifies the customer when usage is close to maximum or over the prescribed usage goal.”

Notifications are provided via email or a  phone call.

The launch of the online customer portal follows the city’s 2016-2017 advanced metering infrastructure project which was implemented in partnership with Itron and United Systems.

The AMI project saw the replacement of 26,000 analogue water meters with smart meters. The development has led the city to read and process consumer water usage data remotely.

The elimination of manual meter reading has helped reduce inefficiencies in water billing including late water billing, corruption and human error. In addition, the smart meters are helping to reduce operational costs and the city’s carbon footprint

“Where before we were only capturing readings once a month, we’re now able to capture 24-hour interval readings. It not only helps the City but also helps the customer,” added Todd.

The new system provides notifications in the event of water leaks within the distribution network, a way to reduce non-revenues and maintenance costs and to increase the lifespan of water distribution infrastructure.