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News and in-depth analysis of the industry, including current energy trends, energy market drivers, restraints, and growth opportunities across the energy value chain. Details in this category focus on the increasing adoption of smart utilities and smart grids by energy companies and the need for Big Data solutions. Insights elaborate on how the information gathered from these can be used for gaining useful information insights and customer behaviour, helps energy enterprises to deploy condition-based maintenance programmes and improves forecasting and scheduling of assets.

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Siemens expands partnership focus with the University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida has expanded its 30 year-partnership with Siemens to include collaboration on smart infrastructure.
power plants

E.ON unveils intelligent power plant initiative

E.ON has unveiled a new programme to optimise the operations of its power plants and grid network through automation of generation and supply processes. E.ON...
earth day

World Energy Day: Is Germany the European energy-saving champion?

According to a survey conducted by E.ON and KantarEMNID, at least 14% of Germans believe so, but the reality is rather different. Of the ten...

Uzbekistan signs 30 billion smart meter deal

South Korea-based telco KT Corporation has secured its second smart meter contract in Uzbekistan.
energy management

University of Oxford to test centralised energy management system

The University of Oxford is partnering with Siemens to conduct research and development of an energy management system, using £158,550 in funding secured from...

Hydro-Québec launches advanced fault detection solution

Hydro-Québec has partnered with CGI to launch MILES, a solution to address the root causes of electricity outages before they occur. Hydro-Québec, which manages the generation,...

Shell launches academy for renewable energy students

A subsidiary of Shell Energy North America, MP2 Energy, has launched a new educational website to help students improve their knowledge of renewable energy. The...
nb power

EDF expands flexible energy market for UK consumers

UK utility EDF Energy has signed a deal with Upside Energy to enable consumers to access clean, affordable, flexible energy and to gain extra...
data migration

NYPA enlists analytics experts to accelerate digital strategy

The New York Power Authority has awarded four‑year contracts, valued at up to $50 million, to ten firms with data analytics expertise.
adp group

Centrica publishes Powering Sustainability report

Multinational utility Centrica has issued a new report showing how new energy technologies can help the healthcare and hospitality industries reduce their carbon emissions. According...

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