Radiflow Wins Cybersecurity Excellence Award for Critical Infrastructure Security


Industrial cybersecurity solutions firm Radiflow has won the 2018 Cybersecurity Excellence Award for its iSID Industrial IDS solution in the category for Critical Infrastructure Security.

The award recognises the ability of the iSID Industrial IDS solution in protecting SCADA and ICS networks and OT environments of critical infrastructure operators from intrusion.

The solution provider claims its technology provides facility operators with in-depth mapping of their OT assets, flags potential risks and alerts on any security breaches.

The award comes at a time Radiflow has recorded a double increase in sales of the iSID solution and related services over the past year.

The cybersecurity firm is eyeing expanding adoption of its technology in sectors including chemical factories, transportation systems and building management systems.

Moreover, Radiflow has upgraded the technology in line with the latest cybersecurity standards to improve the security posture of its customers against many of the high profile cyberattacks recently publicized.

iLan Barda, CEO at Radiflow, said: “We are proud to win this Cybersecurity Excellence Award and be recognized as an innovation leader in our market space.

“The foreign cyberattack on a power plant in the United States publicized over the weekend is not an isolated or one-off incident

“In response these constantly expanding threats, we are seeing more and more top management initiatives to protect the security of connected critical infrastructure networks as well as comply with growing regulations, such as NERC CIP v6 in the United States and similar new government mandates in the EU, for which our award winning industrial cybersecurity solutions are meeting these market demands for our customers.”

The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards is an annual award competition honoring individuals and companies that demonstrate excellence, innovation and leadership in cybersecurity.