Smart energy app changed the behaviour of 91% and made 62% invest in energy efficiency


91% of smart metered consumers with access to energy analytics through an app have changed their behaviour and 62% had directly made purchases as a result to reduce their consumption, according to a new survey

In a survey conducted in Sweden, one of the world’s first countries to deploy smart meters to 100% of its population, 1077 users of a mobile app, powered by smart meter analytics, were surveyed about the effects it has had on their behaviour and purchasing habits related to energy over a 5-year period.

95% of respondents said it has helped them better understand how they use energy and 73% say it has directly enabled them reduce their consumption.

91% said the app had affected their behaviour and 62% said it had directly compelled to them make investments to reduce their consumption.

 “This survey shows the power of insights from smart meter data and points to the tremendous opportunity utilities have to engage in the purchase decisions of their customers,” Håkan Ludvigson, the CEO of Eliq.

The various analytics provided in the app were also ranked by the users, where consumption trend analysis(#1), next bill forecasting (#2) and intelligent notifications on unusual energy consumption  (#3) ranked highest, ahead of similar household comparison and energy usage categories for different appliances.

The app is developed by Eliq.